Maylas Pedigree

Martins Magic Moments Concha   ( Mayla)













Touchstone Thunderbolt DNA-VP, red merle w/c

Mistrettas before Thunder DNA-VP, red merle w/c

Mistrettas paintet Lizard, DNA-CP, blue-merle, w/c

Mistrettas Rough Eagle, blue-merle w/c

Jaimie´s Painted Lady, blue-merle w/c

Mistrettas Lady Hawk, DNA-VP, black w/c

Mistrettas Shadow Hawk, DNA-CP, black w/c

Daughters Darling DNA-CP, black-w/c

Sons Burning Heart Otouchstone DNA-CP, red w/c

Thouchstone Mercury Rising, DNA-CP, red-merle

Peartree Blue Moon DetV Agency ,blue-merle w/c

Touchstone Celestial Seasonning, black w/c

Blue Canyons No Surrender, black w/c

Gitalongs Dark Side of the Moon, DNA-CP, black w/c

Three Bar Cindy Pretty Girl, blue-merle

Strombringers Dakota Martins DNA-VP

Black w/c

Eagle Red Hot Masquerade, DNA-VP, red w/c

Legends Albuquerque Low, DNA-VP, red-merle w/c

Windogos Red O´Sonny Boy, DNA-CP, red w/c

Trueluc Fright Night Tazzie, DNA-CP, blue-merle w/c

Eagles Holiday Wishes, DNA-CP, black-w/c

McDuff Of Windermere, red-merle w/c

Trueluc´s In The Nick Of Time, black w/c

Sight´n Sound´s She´s The One, DNA-CP, blue merle w/c

Rivermede´s Cool Runnings,DNA-CP, blue-merle w/c

Sand Ridge Ventana, blue-merle w/c

Misty morn´s Sawyer Brown, black w/c

Rosevalley´s Classic Hits, DNA-CP, black w/c

Another Absession Of Starcross, blue-merle w/c

Windogos West Side Story, black w/c